The USA’s Greatest Haunts

We welcome you our site. USA’S GREATEST HAUNTS is determined to remind just how frightful the country loves to make itself come Halloween time. Dedicated to highlighting the best and the scariest, USA’S GREATEST HAUNTS is a pinnacle of recognition for top notch haunted houses everywhere, showcasing their amazing abilities to scare, traumatize, startle, intimidate, and especially, make people pee themselves. Judged by a panel with over forty years of combined experience, we determine the haunted houses that are safe, well-advertised, well-built, well-paced, have wicked good aesthetics, and much more. Haunted houses are no longer just a thrill ride: they are an art and a business. Business is terror. And terror is pleasure. And we make sure the business is booming.

Below are our picks of the Top 10 Greatest Haunted Houses in North America to visit in 2024.

1. Sacramento Scream Park, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Scream ParkSacramento Scream Park

2. Cincinnati Fear Fest, Williamsburg, OH

Hanna Haunted AcresHanna Haunted Acres

3. Hush Haunted Attractions, Westland, MI

Hush Haunted AttractionsHush Haunted Attractions

4. Bayville Scream Park, Long Island, NY

Bayville Scream ParkBayville Scream Park

5. Fear Overload Scream Park, SF Bay Area, CA

Fear Overload Scream ParkFear Overload Scream Park

6. Folklore Haunted House, Atlanta, GA

Folklore Haunted HouseFolklore Haunted House

7. ScareGrounds PDX, Portland, OR

Scaregrounds PDXScareGroundsPDX

8. Cougar Creek’s House of Horrors, Surrey, BC

The DarknessThe Darkness

9. Haunted Web, Memphis, TN

Jekyll & Hyde Haunted AsylumJekyll & Hyde Haunted Asylum

10. Nightmare on 13th, Salt Lake City, UT

Nightmare on 13thNightmare on 13th

Runner-Up Haunted Houses